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3 things you need to know about dtools for mint

What is Dtools?

Dtools is the next generation Web3 tools of NFTs collection, crypto price one click check andunique plugin ecosystem based on decentralized technology. It offers all of the os including windows, mac os, ios and andriod. The Dtools has built a rainbow bridge between Web2 and Web3.

How does the Dtools unique plugin work?

  1. At present, dozens of native plugin applications are planned, including all aspects of users’ daily needs,from gas price inquiry to token distribution.
  2. The first version has 11 plugins. The detailed description of all the remaining plugins can be viewed in the “Plugin Ecosystem” section.

What is Dtools Pass and how to get a pass?

Dtools Pass is issued on the ETH mainnet and executes the ERC721 protocol.

Dtools Team offer 1024 whitepapers and you can get it by 3 steps below:

step one: Follow and retweet at:
step two: Join our Discord:
step three: To be a level 6 member before June. 1st.

How to use dtools pass?

After Dtools mint launched, you need to download the Dtools desktop(Windows or Mac version) first and then connect the wallet address that mints the Pass and the Dtools will automatically identify the pass with the address.
If you want to connect Dtools to another address, you can also modify the wallet address specially used to identify the pass in the settings.

If you have any question about Dtools, you can find the best answers at Dtools FAQs page.