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Focus on The Web3 Era, The Launch of Dtools Ushered in A Tool Revolution

Application Status of Web3 Tools

Since 2020, the concept of Web3 flooded into the Decentralized world, more and more people began to explore this mysterious world. Finally, we ushered in the real budding and explosion of X2Earn applications in 2022.

After the emergence of DeFi in 2019, countless explorers have been looking for a deeper, more practical and more real value system that Decentralized can bring to the world. So Axie brought Play To Earn into the public eye and created the GameFi craze, StepN’s popularity started the first shot of the rise of Web3 applications, LetMeSpeak opened the door to Learn To Earn. Blockchain technology has begun to make initial progress at the application layer. The tools in this are absolutely essential, but looking at the entire Web3, although a variety of small tools for different demand scenarios have initially emerged, it has to be said there is still a lack of a representative tool application.

Efficiency troubles of Web3 exploration

The Dtools Team with a keen sense of smell noticed this direction at an early stage, but did not rush into it before finally thinking of a truly powerful solution. The team has investigated a large number of dapp applications and user requirements through long-term exploration in the Web3 field.

We found since dapps are essentially based on decentralized web technology, web pages are absolutey well-deserved as the best dapp carrier, but when users browse Web3 applications such as dapps, the usual operation steps are as follows:

  1. Open the browser first.
  2. Then search in a row of favorites or even two or three subfolders.
  3. After finding a dapp similar to Web3=>GameFi=>XX, finally click to open.

If you are a Web3 explorer with good categorization habits and abilities, it will probably take less than 1 minute to use the above steps, otherwise you may fall into a death spiral of repeatedly clicking favorites one by one, which sometimes probably takes 3–5 minutes.As a member of Web3, are you also troubled by the explosion of browser favorites, and it is difficult to manage and remember effectively?

Or just give up the favorites, such an operation steps are generally like this:

  1. Open the browser first.
  2. Then click or enter the address of the search engine.
  3. After waiting for the search engine to open and display, enter the keyword of the dapp you want to go to.
  4. Determine the destination you want to go to in the search results, and finally click to go.

Such an operation scenario above gives the people with bad intentions a great opportunity. Due to the existence of a large number of similar words and ranking optimization, during the search process, there is a high probability of encountering fake phishing websites, and a large number of wallet private keys are stolen every day.

Solutions for Web3 User Experience

Is there a better, faster, safer solution?

In fact, this problem not only troubles the majority of Web3 users, but also troubles many professional researchers in the Dtools team, because the number of dapp websites they need to browse and view every day is more and more extensive. Meanwhile, the development of Web3 is too fast. There are a large number of new dapps appearing every day. It is still difficult to keep up with the times by relying on collections, memory, and hand speed.

Based on this, the Dtools team is deeply inspired by Apple’s Spotlight Search on MacOS. We believe that users of Apple PC products have a very deep understanding of this native built-in efficiency tool on MacOS. As a company that understands user experience at an absolute textbook level, Apple has long paid attention to the problem of finding and accessing a large number of applications on users’ computers. Compared with the application ICON that covers the desktop on Windows, Spotlight, a desktop search box that can be easily and quickly woken up, is so elegant, convenient and efficient that every user who has experienced it would be unforgettable as long as it is used for the first time.

So since Spotlight has achieved a near-perfect solution to the fast access requirements of desktop applications on PCs, why can’t there be a Web3-specific Spotlight for dapps? ! And this is where the original idea of Dtools came from.

It is based on such a simple idea that the Dtools team really put it into action, although behind the simplicity is often the abyss of complexity. Through nearly half a year of hard work, the Dtools team has truly achieved the same desktop search experience as Spotlight or even beyond it on the PC. Through such a desktop application, the entire Web3 is truly moved to your computer desktop.

Dtools Lifetime PASS

About Dtools

Dtools is the next generation Web3 ALL-IN-ONE tool, with decentralized technology as the core, providing every Web3 user with 4 modules: asset management, Dapp management, plugin system and monitoring system. The goal of Dtools is to build a rainbow bridge between Web2 and Web3 for every Web3 user.

Asset Management: Dtools supports connecting to various mainstream wallet plugins such as MetaMask and Phantom, and can perform comprehensive asset query and management on multiple chains such as Eth, Polygon, BSC, Solana, and Avalanche. Data dimensions include tokens, NFTs, and on-chain activity records. It also supports highly customizable portfolio bundles that can add rich portfolios and addresses.

Decentralized Application Management: Dtools has set up a professional dapp research team, currently collecting more than 2,000 Dapps from different chains in the Web3 world, and constantly updating and maintaining them. Meanwhile, supplemented by clear classification, it is convenient for users to browse, view and collect their favorite and commonly used dapps. All the dapps support one-click direct access through the high-performance desktop search engine, which solves the problem that traditional browser favorites are difficult to manage.

On-chain Data Monitoring: Based on the vast majority of on-chain data released by the Web3 world, the token/nft contract unit is used as the dimension, and ultra-large-scale data processing technology is adopted to support users to highly customize and monitor key indicators such as position quantity, price, TVL, etc. on multiple platforms. Meanwhile, it provides instant notifications so that users don’t need to spend a lot of time every day searching for the projects of interest to them.

Plugin Ecosystem: Support gas tracker, token batchsender, token approval check, chat based on blockscan, etc. All plugins and functions can be used with one click, which greatly improves the efficiency of explorers’ work, research, learning and entertainment in the Web3 world.

How to Use Dtools?

In order to make users experience the Web3 world more immersive, Dtools is presented in the form of a client, and supports all mainstream operating systems including MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android. And including a variety of functional modules and a unique plugin ecosystem based on decentralized technology.

Users only need to enter a string of keywords you want to know about the Web3 world in Dtools when you enter the client, and Dtools will provide you with the exact information you want to know, act ike Apple’s Spotlights. The original intention of Dtools team is very simple , we are doing our best to build a beautiful rainbow bridge for Web3, helping every explorer who is unwilling to be ordinary to enter the door of Web3 from the world of Web2.

Dtools Vision and Development

Dtools Team is a young team. The team members have been deeply involved in the blockchain field for many years and have rich experience in blockchain development and operation, but even so, it is still difficult to face a new world with both opportunities and risks. During 2021, the team of more than 30 people brought all the thinking and courage of Web3, through half a year of silent research and development, finally took the first step in the Web3 world and launched the first ALL-IN-ONE Tools — Dtools.

The era of Web3.0 has come. Dtools Team pays tribute to every explorer who is not willing to be ordinary, and sincerely hopes to provide the most efficient, convenient and practical products for every user who wants to explore the Web3 world. Dtools Team will also open the development toolkit of third-party plugins in the follow-up development, prepare the token economic model of TOKEN, and cooperate with developers who sincerely want to build Web3, jointly build a sustainable value Decentralized technology product ecology, and officially open the brand new ToolFi field of Program To Eran.