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Dtools Whitepaper


Welcome to Dtools

Dtools (Decentralized Tools) is the next generation of Web3 ALL-IN-ONE tools. It supports all major operating systems, including MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Including various functional modules and a unique plugin ecosystem based on decentralized technology. We have built a bridge between Web2 and Web3.

Module introduction

Dtools takes decentralized technology as the core and includes four modules: Assets Management, Dapp Management, Plugin System and Monitor System for every Web3 user.

Assets Management

Dtools support connection to various major wallet plugins, including MetaMask, Phantom, etc., and can perform comprehensive asset queries and management on many chains such as Eth, Polygon, BSC, Solana, Avalanche, Fantom, Arweave, etc. The data dimension includes token, NFT and on-chain activity records, etc. It also supports highly customizable portfolio bundles, which can add rich asset portfolios and addresses.

Dapps Management

Dtools have collected more than 2000 Dapps of different chains in the Web3 world and are constantly updated and maintained. It's supplemented by clear classification, making it convenient for users to browse, view and collect their favorite and commonly used Dapps. All Dapps support one-click direct access through a high-performance desktop search engine, which solves the problem that traditional browser favorites are challenging to manage.

On-chain Monitoring

Based on the vast majority of on-chain data released in the Web3 world, we investigated the user experience of participating in the Web3 application ecosystem and thought deeply about it. With the ultra-large-scale data processing technology, the contract unit of token/NFT as the dimension supports users to highly customize the monitoring of key indicators such as the number of positions, prices, TVL and other key indicators on multiple chains. Instant notifications mean users don't need to spend a lot of time every day on projects that they are interested in.

Plugin Ecosystem

Based on our exploration and rethinking of decentralized technology and ecosystems, we have developed a unique plugin system based on decentralized technology. Currently, it supports gas tracker, token batch sender, token approval check, blockscan chat, etc. All plugins and functions can be used with one click, which can significantly improve the efficiency of explorers' work, research, study and entertainment in the Web3 world. And with our subsequent investment in research and development, we will maintain a fixed frequency of plugin updates and fully open the plugin system soon. Developers looking to build Web3 tools are welcome to join us to create more value and share the economic and ecological benefits of Dtools together.

Our mission

Web3 is a wonderful new world full of opportunities and challenges. We pay tribute to every explorer who sets foot on this land with courage and faith. Our only mission is to continuously innovate and provide every Web3 explorer with the most efficient, convenient and useful product.

Our vision

As a member of the Web3 world, we have encountered many difficulties and obstacles on the road from Web2 to Web3. We appreciate the friends and communities who have selflessly helped us along the way, and that makes us understand how important it is to have a leader who drives the darkness away.

The original intention of the idea of Dtools was very simple: we hope the latecomers will not have to go through the layers of mountains and obstacles to come to this paradise. We are doing our best to build a beautiful rainbow bridge to Web3 and help every explorer who is not willing to be ordinary to make great strides from the world of Web2 to the door of Web3.

Our values

Simply being a nice person in the world is our only and eternal value. We hope that our work, efforts and creations can be approved and rewarded through our valuable contribution.

Road Map


The idea of Dtools and the establishment of the team; Product direction and concept born.


Development of the main product framework and the asset management module completed; Dapp professional manual review team established.


Dtools plugin system development completed.


Dtools beta version development completed; Product UI design of iOS and Android versions completed.


Dtools beta version released; Global internal beta open recruitment.


New version of Dtools released; The beta version of the on-chain monitor system released; 20+ new plugins added to the plugin market.


Dtools official version released; Beta versions of iOS and Android released.


Open third-party plugin development, prepare token economic model, and cooperate with Web3 developers to build a sustainable value technology product ecosystem.

Main Module

Module Name
Module Function
Future Plan
Desktop Search Engine

In the past, when users viewed Dapps websites, they needed to open the browser first, then search in the favorites, or just search directly, but they might encounter fake sites.

Through the desktop search engine of Dtools that can provide:

1. Shortcut key to wake up, and then search directly.

2. Integrate thousands of Dapps and dozens of plugins, and search results respond in milliseconds. All Dapps are manually screened to avoid clicking on fake websites on the browser search results page.

3. User-defined keywords to achieve exclusive search engines.

Search algorithm optimization, more precisely matches what users want.

Search Widget

In the world of Web3, gas fee and token price are two common and frequently used data, but the operation for users to view this data is a little cumbersome. Taking token price as an example, users need to open the browser first, then search for the market website from a search engine like google, then search the price of token from the market website.

Through the search widget of Dtools that can achieve:

1. Integrate common features such as token price, gas fee, and world clock into the search list.

2. In the search box, users only need to search for the name of any token, and then they can directly see the price of the token, fluctuations and other data on the search result page; just need to search for chain + gas (such as eth gas), you can directly see the real-time gas price of the chain; just search the name of a city and you will know the current time in that city.

We have developed a lot of interesting and practical plugins, but this is far from enough. In addition to our continuous investment in R&D development, we are also building a broader open-plugin ecosystem, which is clearly defined in our roadmap. It is planned that more developers who are willing to build for Web3 will be integrated with a unique and shared economic ecology.

On-chain Asset Management

Asset management is a very important requirement for Web3 users, because no wallet supports all major chains, nor does it support multi-address asset aggregation management.

Dtools implements the following functions:

1. Supports asset and NFT query of multiple chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, etc.

2. Supports aggregating multiple wallet addresses into one bundle for management.

3. Supports the creation of multiple bundles for portfolio management.

1. Support query more on-chain asset.

2. Support query transaction history.

3. Visually analyze.

Plugin Ecosystem

For the unique needs of users, we have developed a plugin system.

1. At present, dozens of native plugin applications are planned, including all aspects of users' daily needs, from gas price inquiry to token distribution

2. The first version has 11 plugins. The detailed description of all the remaining plugins can be viewed in the "Plugin Ecosystem" section

1. Continue to develop new plugins as planned.

2. Optimize and adjust the existing plugins

3. Support plugin rating and comment in plugin market.

4. According to the roadmap and plan, support developers to upload custom plugins.

Dapp Market

Our professional Web3 research team has manually screened thousands of popular Dapps with several months of hard work, and conducted a detailed manual classification including defi, gamefi, nft, browser, etc.

1. Continue to add Dapps that are not included in the list.

2. Regularly review and delete expired Dapps.

Data Monitoring

Our data center monitoring of global multi-chain nodes will be officially opened in 2022Q3:

1. Connect to opensea, looksrare and other platforms to monitor the owners, floor prices, etc.

2. Connect to major exchanges and blockchain browsers to monitor the price of tokens, holders and other data that users are concerned about

3. Support user-defined monitoring targets to achieve accurate matching and real-time push

1. More globalized chain data node deployment.

2. More advanced customized data subscription dimensions fully satisfy every Web3 user's grasp of the world's information flow.


1. We will not push any messages to users unless they are actively turned on.

2. If the user has enabled the blockscan chat plugin, when a new message is received, there will be a push message reminder, but don't worry, if you are harassed, you can add the account to the blacklist.

3. If the user uses our monitoring system, and the conditions set by the user are met (we have set up the mode of regular push and custom push to meet the various needs of the user), there will be a push message reminder to avoid missing any chance

Support for more notification schemes

Workflow (planning)

Support users to provide efficient and useful functions and combinations, combining all our plugins and Dapps to achieve the most efficient personal workflow

According to our roadmap planning and design, we will also open the operateflow market in the future to support users to upload their own defined operateflows to the market to share with other users while enjoying the unique Dtools economic ecology.

Plugin Ecosystem

The plugins of Dtools follow the principle of single responsibility. Every plugin accurately solves the needs of a single scenario, with lightness, speed and accuracy as the core. The plugin ecosystem includes plugins developed by our team and third-party developers. We are committed to building a plugin market that any developer can easily upload. After a strict intelligent security audit and the DAO-based decentralized audit and authentication mechanism we are currently designing, users can use the plugins safely.

The following are 11 plugins supported by the current beta version of Dtools. All plugins involving smart contracts, all their information and source codes are fully disclosed, and the contract addresses can be viewed in the [Technology] section.

Source of Demand
Function Description
Token Approval Checker

During the use of Web3, a large number of various Dapps will be connected, and various authorizations will also be involved.

But the problem is that the user does not know how to cancel the authorization. Over time, the more contracts authorized, the greater the risk of user funds.

1. Query all contracts, tokens, authorized quantity and risk degree authorized by an address.

2. Support users select expired and entrusted authorizations in batches, and then cancel with one click.

Optimize smart identification of contract risk.

Token Batchsender

When users need to send tokens to multiple wallet addresses, they can either manually transfer accounts one by one, or use payment tools.Manual transfers by themselves will encounter two problems:

1. It takes a lot of time to repeat operations, and it is easy to make mistakes

2. Gas fees will be charged for each transaction. When the number of addresses is large, a large amount of gas fees will be consumed.

1. Support input address by uploading files, and checking the correctness of input information, effectively preventing input errors.

2. All the transactions to be sent by the user are packaged and processed in a unified manner, and only one or several gas fees will be charged (depending on the number of sending addresses, there is an upper limit on the amount of transactions that can be packaged in a single transaction), effectively reducing the gas consumption of users.

3. 100% free,No fees except gas

Support more chains and more tokens.

Gas Tracker

It is not convenient for users to query gas fees in real time currently.

This plugin supports real-time query of gas prices of multiple blockchains, which is convenient for users to choose appropriate gas fees for transactions.

Currently supported blockchains include Ethereum, polygon, bnbchain and avalanche, etc.

Support real-time gas fee query of more chains

Blockscan Chat

The traditional account-based chat mechanism has the problems of registration trouble and poor compatibility and versatility.

1. Wallet-to-wallet instant chat with any Ethereum-compatible address

2. Add a blacklist to prevent owners from sending you messages

3. Instant notifications, even if you are not in the chat interface, you can also receive message prompts

Crypto Price

The price of tokens changes frequently and fluctuates greatly. It is very meaningful for token holders and users who pay attention to this token to be able to quickly see the real-time price and fluctuation of a certain token.

Relying on Dtools, it only takes 1 steps to meet the needs: use the shortcut key to wake up Dtools, then enter the token name, the search result page will automatically display the price of the searched token, fluctuations and other data, and the data will change in real time

1. Query the real-time prices and fluctuations of major currencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, USDT, etc.

2. Support favorite currencies, and you can also search for the token name from the main search box to obtain real-time data directly.

Support more tokens and query of newly listed tokens


When users access a dapp of a certain network, they often need to connect to its main network to use the function normally.

However, the current main wallets, such as MetaMask, only have a small amount of built-in network, which may not include the website the user is viewing. When visiting these websites, many webpages will only prompt the user to connect to the correct network, but will not tell them how

1. Dozens of blockchains and their corresponding test chains are assembled, so that users can quickly add the required chain to the wallet.

2. After connecting to the wallet, find the network you need to add to the wallet, click "add to wallet", after the wallet is authorized, the plugin will automatically add the selected chain to the wallet.

1. Support more networks.

2. Support users to select nodes to customize and add.


When users use the testnet, there will be a need to receive test coins through the faucet.

However, many of the current faucets are in disrepair and can no longer be obtained. The websites that can be collected will also have problems such as being difficult to find and cumbersome to collect.

A collection of faucets that aggregates multiple blockchains, including Ropsten, Kovan, Rinkrby, Solana, etc. All the test coins you need, claim restrictions, and detailed claim steps can be found here

1. Update data in time to remove invalid faucets

2. Support more networks and more faucets

Speed Test

The node speeds of various chains such as ETH are different. Choosing a high-speed node is beneficial to demand scenarios such as panic buying.

Support to measure the speed of nodes of major blockchains and view the current block height, which is convenient for users to select suitable nodes

The supported blockchains include Ethereum, BSC, Solana, etc. In addition to the nodes queried by the system by default, it also supports the detection of user-defined nodes

NFT transfer

Wallets can easily transfer tokens to another address, but few wallets can easily transfer NFT to another address

1. After connecting the wallet, the plugin will automatically read the nft of the address

2. All NFTs that support 721 and 1155 protocols can transfer

World Clock

Web3 is global and open, focusing on projects in other regions, often involving time and time zone conversions

The plugin will read the current location and time of the system, and then automatically match the time of major cities in major time zones

Unit Conversion

Unlike ordinary currencies, crypto currencies can often support very small units, but for ordinary users, remembering so many decimal places is a very troublesome and error-prone thing

Support free conversion of wei, gwei, eth and other units

Support unit conversion for more currencies

The following are the plugins that Dtools continues to develop:

Function Description (planning)
Transaction Controller

Accelerate or cancel the corresponding transaction by entering the hash and nonce value of the transaction to be accelerated/cancelled

NFT Snapper

1. Support input opensea link, RPC address, gas fee for snapping

2. Support input erc721 contract and tokenId and other information to snap up any NFT

NFT Calendar

1. Aggregate the entire network nft sales information, and display the subsequent nft sales in the form of a calendar

2. Display useful information of nft , such as twitter followers, number of discords, mint price of nft, etc.

NFT Batchsender

1. Support multi-chain NFT and batch sending of 721 and 1115 nft protocols

2. Support users upload files to fill in the address and send nft

3. Intelligently detect the correctness of the address entered by the user

Token Snapper

Support bulk purchase by entering SWAP contracts and corresponding purchase currency information, etc.

Audit Contract

1. Support custom input contract address and automatically generate detailed smart contract detection report

2. Maintain a list of risky contracts that other users have detected and keep it updated in time

Audit NFT

1. Support custom input NFT contract/tokenid, automatically generate NFT multi-dimensional scoring report and score, as well as the transaction value fluctuation curve of the NFT in various trading markets

2. Support subscribing to the key data of the NFT, and notify when key events are triggered

Unclaimed Airdrop Finder

1. Enter the address to query the unclaimed airdrop

2. Detect in real time whether there is an unclaimed airdrop, and automatically trigger an event reminder

Migrate Assets

Supports visual batch operations, one-click transfer / distribution of personal assets to any wallet account

Wallet Generator

Support batch generation of wallets with multiple chains, and can specify the vanity number

Leveraged Liquidity Calculator

Quick and easy calculation of leveraged mining income

Impermanent Loss Calculator

Quickly and easily calculate the impermanent loss in the process of swap providing liquidity

IPFS Assistant

1. Quickly upload custom files to IPFS

2. Provide aggregation gateway to access IPFS files

Dapp Market

Web3 has been developed for many years. As latecomers in the industry, we look at this new world with awe. We know that there are too many unknowns in this world waiting for us to explore, among which there are Dapps that are gushing out. This is a revolutionary application ecosystem. Every well-designed Dapp deserves deep study, but sometimes Dapp is not very easy to find, retrieve and use.

Therefore, we have organized a professional Web3 industry research team to select 2000+ Dapps through manual selection, including defi,gamefi, NFT, data, browser, bridge and other types. We will maintain daily, including removing Dapps that fail or have a poor reputation, and following the dynamic traversal of industry information to capture early high-value Dapps, completely freeing every Web3 explorer's time in Dapp search and judgment.


Workflow is a special function that we provide for many users willing to explore. Using this function, you can expand the functions of Dtools unlimitedly, and use workflow to complete some repetitive and regular activities to improve your work efficiency.

Although we have provided many native plugins and selected 2000+ Dapps, these plugins and Dapps currently exist independently in Dtools, and there may be many internal connections between them. In the absence of workflow, You can only use plugins or Dapps one by one to achieve your needs. Still, with workflow, you can perform many unexpected effects through simple dragging and a little code combination, such as:

Through our NFT calendar, get the information of the NFTs that will be released in the future, and then use the NFT audit to check the scores of these NFTs, and then use the Web3 relationships to check the information of the NFT issuer to determine which NFTs are worthwhile to get.

The above is just a simple assumption, but we have dozens of plugins and thousands of Dapps, and these plugins and Dapps are still constantly updated and optimized. We believe that there must be users who can think of more fun and more useful workflow than us, which is one of the original intentions of our planning of this function, so that users can continue to explore the boundaries of Web3.

When everyone is happy to use Web3 workflow, we will open the workflow market, combined with our token ecology, so that everyone can find useful workflow here, so that users who provide workflow can benefit from it.


From the very beginning, we have established that Dtools is based on 100% decentralized technology as much as possible.

One of our goals is to cover the user's complete experience support in Web3 world as much as possible, so multi-chain support is also in our technical preparation scope from the beginning, and now we support:

  • Ethereum
  • BNB Chain
  • Solana
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Fantom
  • Arweave

At the same time, support plans for more chains are already underway, and we expect to add as many as 30+ chains in the next six months.

Decentralized storage

In the early design process of Dtools, all the technical teams reached a consensus: to do our best to develop a solution based on complete decentralization. Therefore, Dtools will have the following obvious differences compared with other application tools:

First of all, there is no centralized storage server behind Dtools. In the technical architecture of Dtools, we have done our best to remove the centralized storage interface that should exist in all traditional application architectures. Like MetaMask, Dtools doesn't store any of your personal information through any centralized storage server, including your asset addresses, plugin collections, Dapp collections, application settings, etc. All your personal information is encrypted and stored on the local device.

Second, the synchronous storage of Dtools adopts a pure chain solution. To solve the problem of data synchronization after users change devices without using a centralized storage server, we have deeply researched IPFS and ARWEAVE. We have done a lot of technical work to perfectly support users to encrypt and store their personalized setting information in the decentralized storage network. All your personalized settings can be completely synchronized with only one wallet signature connection. We guarantee your personal privacy from the root.

Dtools Pass

Dtools Pass is an identifier and pass issued by us to every Dtooler. Dtoolers who hold the pass can enjoy unlocking all advanced functions and technical expert support within the validity period of the pass. The pass is issued on the ETH mainnet and executes the ERC721 protocol.

After the internal testing period ends, we will release three OG passes with different validity periods in the first round. Then you can mint in our official website: https://dtools.org


We fully recognize DAO's concept of decentralization and co-construction. At this stage, we will not issue any token. Dtools Pass is the unique identifier currently. Anyone holding a pass can participate in community proposals and votes to build this next-generation ecosystem of Web3 tools application.


We are a technical team dedicated to building value products on Web3, consisting of more than 30 desktop application engineers, smart contract engineers, big data engineers, application security engineers, UI designers, UE designers, senior product managers, and industry researchers and independent operation studios.

The biggest thing we have in common is our love of Web3, and our dedication to the pursuit of product details to provide users with a warm and comfortable product experience.


During the development of Dtools, we have received the support of many partners who firmly believe that we can build such a rainbow bridge connecting web2 and Web3.



1.Blockscan chat is a messaging platform for users to simply and instantly message each other wallet-to-wallet, powered by Log-in With Ethereum.

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